Update 4

Individuals with severe mental illnesses are probably responsible for approximately 10 percent of homicides in the United States. At least 10 percent of males with severe mental illnesses become violent, and a lesser percentage of females do. In the United States, this would total approximately 200,000–250,000 individuals. There are very few data that can be used to estimate the percentage of severely mentally ill individuals who become violent. The best study used the Danish psychiatric case register, covering the whole country, and convictions for criminal offenses. Between1978 and 1990, 6.7 percent of males and 0.9 percent of females with "major mental disorders" (psychoses) were convicted of a violent crime ("all offenses involving interpersonal aggression or a threat thereof") compared with 1.5 percent males and 0.1 percent females among individuals with no psychiatric diagnosis. Since these are only convictions, it can be assumed that another unknown percentage committed a violent act for which they were not charged or convicted. From 1976 to 2007 had the most Mental Health Consumers committing crimes then from 2008 till present crimes with mental health consumers has drastically reduced stating with Violence and schizophrenia The violence issue among individuals with schizophrenia is a treatment issue, nothing more nor less (their blaming the violence issue(s) to being non treatment, but we know otherwise Project P.E.N.I. was the Major cause of violence (watch "Personal Knowledge").

Its all about their "Personal Knowledge" of involvement...so don't know what you already know!                                                             The beauty about "Personal Knowledge"  or every other evidentiary matter concerning this Criminal investigation is that they have more than enough evidence to start the Prosecution process that a plea bargain won't be accepted, and when my device is completed and in production "Personal Knowledge"  will bring closure to beyond a reasonable doubt, and the Statute of Limitations of Murder is forever...ahhh the persecution of prosecution.

These researchers and Specialist doctors in the fields of Cancer, Tumors, Tumor Growth, Heart Diseases and Autoimmune Diseases and in Teratology Birth Defects and Miscarriages which coincides with FCC publications and the E.P.R.I. reports, and are outright BLOODY MURDERS for countless Decades with Children, Women, and the Elderly and with Men, and just like the other private Conduits such as the E.P.R.I. (electric power research institute) who originally Financed these study’s under knowingly false pretenses Profited, and have now turned such past devastation of Crimes into their present day business electric cars and so has Defendant(s) and their Countries in this Criminal Case and their Complete Health System(s) as nothing has EVER been attributed to Chronic non-ionized radiation exposure dealing with Cancers, Tumors and Tumor growth, all Heart and Autoimmune diseases and in teratology with Birth Defects and Miscarriages which Pronouncedly implicates them, and attached as Exhibits E, F and G are the exhibits proving this “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”. The EPA and FCC in which the United States Government is the Only Civilized Country in the world who has NOT established any guild lines or Prudent Cautionary Policy’s for EMF (non-ionized radiation) exposure. The EPA has some time ago stated that EMF exposure is dangerous, but shortly after (which was long ago) recanted their findings that has been Proven Decades ago to causing ALL Cancers (especially Breast), Tumors/Tumor Growth ALL Heart and Autoimmune diseases and in Teratology with Birth Defects and Miscarriages and if you review the Epidemiological studies in the (E.P.R.I reports) published by FCC you will see it exactly as I stated, and this is the exact same time since 1978 to 1983 when people who were doing limited amounts of Crystal Methamphetamine (ICE), because there was only a limited amount at this day and age as Reports purports, and this when the derelict science of P.N.I. (psycho-neuro-immunology) which started back in the mid 1970's in which documents also purports and when crack cocaine and people were seeing bugs crawling all over there body and when a stimulant psychosis wasn't possible because it wasn't through Chronic usage as all abstracts from scientific publications purports and supply couldn't meet the demand for Chronic usage and crystal methamphetamine (ICE) came on the market in the early 1980's in which supply could not meet the Demand and speculation or hesitation was obviously there because people started getting chronic in the 1990's.

A website by Willard Max "name it" Imamoto

This update page will brief you on my current updates to insightful information that you can't find anywhere else.                               Also the International Criminal Court has taken my Complaint into receipt and the investigation is in progress and the Crimes of Aggression will happen in 2017 its going to be the "biggest"  Criminal case in the history of the world.   The United Nations has just taken into receipt the very same criminal investigation as the ICC, but with State Parties of the U.N. and they got over 3 million victims I turned over to them.  

Update 1:  

Soon as my prototype is finished it will be put to good use in mot only stopping terrorists everywhere, but in hunting down the illegal research of P.E.N.I. that's being conducted on the general public.                                                               Because my prototype can tap memory at a 100% finding out where their conducting their illegal research from will be easy and this is happening throughout the United States of America parts of Europe and Japan. Psych-Endo-Neuro-Immunology simply translates into psychiatry, neurology, neuro-immunology, and immunology, and it goes into Cancers, Tumors and Tumor growth, Heart diseases, and in teratology with Birth defects and Miscarriages, and Chronic Emf exposure assessments.                                                                                               So tapping these professionals memories will get the whereabouts of this illegal research and these people(s) involvement as well and from all Major Universities (excellent example like the University of Hawaii) who's participated in this illegal research and from so many of it's faculty and Senate panel that governs researches. Now this is a lot of resources that will expose what is National Security violations and International National Security violations in Intentionally created Domestic Terrorism, and it makes these illegal people conducting the study of P.E.N.I. imprisoned at whatever facility their at, because if someone ever tapped their memories they would be saying who they killed and how many they killed through their illegal research and much more horrifying information and paper trails would be out in the open. So they'll remain trapped and hunted down worse then the perpetrators of the Holocaust.    

Update 3:
The Intentionally created avoidance of liabilities with all Defendants created the Intentional failures to Inform or Warn, and their Heinous conscious, callous, deliberate indifferences that were wanton, reckless and very malicious.                                                                                               The multitude and magnitude of this ongoing Malfeasance are acts that truly are unthinkable unspeakable, and unforgettable.                                                     To see the extent of such horrible suffering(s) from unborn babies to children to young adults to women and man and to grandmothers and grandfathers that has violated every Criminal Charge in this Criminal investigation from a Derelict Science that affected everything thing from your head to your toe, and the Duration of such suffering(s) began from children to young adults to women and man and to grandmothers and grandfathers this progression just so that they could get the epidemiological results from chronic Emf exposure assessments, and from Chronic situations dealing with emotional and physical suffering(s) and protracted stress and the obvious End Results were Yes it Will Kill You Everyway in All Illnesses, and has exceeded the Holocaust 10X, and all World Wars, and the War on Terrorism combined.

This has equated as being the worse form of Terrorism Ever even worse than a thermos nuclear weapon hitting any State. 

These Defendants deserve the Death penalty to having concurrent life sentences in prison and many could exceed this depending on their caseloads.                            Regardless this is obviously the realistic approach and because of the Magnitude of such Heinous violations against the Human race its makes your jobs easier in passing sentence(s) to its fullest (
many will commit suicide guaranteed).

#Your Honors will be able to Motion for Assets Forfeiture cited in violations of Actions and Inactions and in accordance with 18 U.S. Code § 1031 - Major fraud against the United States and from Criminal Charges.

#The maximum fine imposed upon a defendant for a prosecution including a prosecution with multiple counts under this section shall not exceed $10,000,000,00 and other citing’s imposes smaller fines to $5,000,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 to a $1,000.00 depending on the scope of concurrent Criminal Charges, and the other aspect in how it applies to Civil Remedies.

#I am publishing my eBook by the beginning of next year 2017 and my eBooks guarantees these people $5,000,000.00 who have been affected by over antipsychotic/anti-depressant usage and who have Extensive Structural brain damage caused by Defendants.                                                                      My eBook will tell you what simple evidence to gather and to be awarded compensation through this Competent Court so please seize all assets and/or assets forfeiture for these people(s) they are the unsuspected injured and deserve some sort of restitution, and in this process it will re stimulate economy they never had this much money and are great spenders, and who’s families and/or this Honorable Court can make trust funds for them only and even for a house of their own.  

I also intend to guarantee this in these Countries incompetent Courts as well to create below if necessary to safeguard the people(s).                                           With this process of re stimulating economy through them…Governments now can abruptly stop this type of extreme socialism and put perspectives in order instead of just stopping these overly unnecessary benefits like what Britain did, but most of all to stop a Super Revolution if done in the wrong way.                                      
This re-stimulation process also will force psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, psychiatric nurses, and social workers from inpatient to outpatient and with the extreme amount of Criminal Charges to make these Defendants commit Suicide which in turn saves the taxpayers for footing the bill for being imprisoned for the rest of their lives, and it might even create new job openings in these very same fields if other seeking these fields have Balls, but I doubt it.   

#Governments like the United States of America’s and other Defendant Countries Greatest fears are in having Simultaneous  Super Revolutions where the people(s) have a Revolution against their Government or in this case against their Governments (Super Revolution) creating the utmost chaos and economic damage.

#Another of these Governments Greatest fears are the States of these Countries breaking off and going into Independent States, and creating their own Government and creating their own survival interests.

#This Might Happen Anyway.

#This Criminal investigation proved beyond a reasonable doubt that this False Claims Act violations has cost the taxpayers worldwide over 150 trillion dollars (just since 2000 to present, I could have stated this back in 1980 or even before that the mid 1950’s) in which the Health System doesn’t even come close to a fraction in gross profits (vs. 150 trillion) which is not Stimulating our Economy compared to Sequestrations  Multiplication Process and this  Worldwide Governmental  Deficit now a 300+ trillion False Claims Act that implicated our Health System(s) as the #1 cause of Death without even going into Iatrogenesis (pharmaceuticals) what a F—ken dumb math.

Also the United Nations is a Universal Court that has lost all of its Integrity from the Geneva Convention, its Articles dealing with Human Rights violations and Genocide.                                                                                                  There are and Incompetent and Moot Court that implicates them as being Malfeasant (evil doing).                                                                       When they try to sanction or impose its force against other Countries they could be held liable for Criminal Charges as well as Civil penalties in future events that’s manifested from this greatest of heinous Criminal investigation and case in the history of the World.

Relator Wilard Max Imamoto humbly asks to be awarded the maximum amount allowed pursuant to §3730(d) of the False Claims Act (about 15-17% of the 25% maximum allowed equals 45+ trillion).                                                                                               That Relator be awarded all costs of this action, including attorneys’ fees and expenses; and that Relator recover such other relief as this Court deems just and  proper.


Update 2:

Your Honors a Defendant who violates the Crimes cited in this Complaint and the concurrent Charges with just the Slap on the Wrist Charges...They'll be Serving Multiple Life Sentences… Its their Panic Time.

#Major crimes of violence, (excellent example  Brian Uyesugi Hawaii’s most famous killers (the Xerox killer) killing 7 people at his work at Xerox (affecting other innocent people’s lives who can now experience psycho-social stressors like bereavement, because of strange poking in his neck and black and white shadowy figures (the same experiences as many others who took my 178 questions questionnaire, and because my prototype will tap the memory of people associated with project P.E.N.I and this will be recorded proving this type of extreme violence is common place since the mid 1970’s as a Part of project P.E.N.I.’s studies, and how is that for Homicide violations and look at how many people will have "Personal Knowledge" of this here in Hawaii and abroad because they are a part of Psycho (psychiatry/psychology)-Endo-Neuro(neurologists)-Immunology(neuro-immunologists/immunologists) and their Universities and Hospitals. Including domestic violence, divorce, etc and is truly and Over-Kill from this Derelict Science and Now you know why the RISE in Domestic Violence, also in other States they'll have "Personal Knowledge" of other Killings like this or similarly situated events of killings related to their illegal research such as Philllip Simelane of Birmingham, Noah Jacob Harpham of Colorado Springs, Jeffery Scott Pitts of Conyers Georgia, Sergio Valencia del Toro of Menasha Wisconsin, and in Britain with Kayden Smith, Graeme Morris, Janet Muller, David Sole, Mathew Daley, Dean Rian, Steven Dunne, Roger Goswell, Shane Noble, and Oliver Parsons.         Now there are Millions of crimes ranging from Murder in the 1st & 2nd, Manslaughter, Rape, Assault(s), Domestic violence, and Terroristic Threatening and All of you Conduits in these different States has "Personal Knowledge" of these crimes only because YOU ARE P.E.N.I. Psycho (psychiatrists/psychologists) Endo-Neuro (neurologists) Immunology (neuro-immunologists/immunologists) that's what this Derelict Science employ's and that's what this research is called!  

The Progression that are Cited in violation of Actions and Inactions and in accordance with 18 & 19 U.S. Code are derived through the Intentional Avoidance of Liability creating the Intentional Failures to Inform or Warn this INTENT now leads to Murder in the 1st and 2nd.

Cited in violations of Actions and Inactions and in accordance with 18 U.S. Code § 2331 are the violations against all Defendants – Definitions    the term is a now Manifestation of the growing Intentionally Created “domestic terrorism” and ”international domestic terrorism”, and these violations carries the Death penalty.

Cited in violation of ACTIONS and Inactions and in accordance with the RICO Act Title 18 U.S.C. the progression of all Defendants constitutes a Grand Scale Conspiracy with Defendants operation of management of the enterprise, and the pattern.    

Then the relatedness, and then continuity, and then multiple schemes and the pattern, and then racketeering activity, and then the issue of consent, AND This is happening to the 75 Million Mental Health consumers.                       This is the Ultimate TERRORISTS Act Imaginable;

Then going into citing’s violations of and cited in accordance with the great Era of Sedition influencers and now including all charges from above paragraphs, but now including National Security violations and International National Security violations, Conspiracies under U.S.C. 18 against the public, or such as endanger the public health, violate public morals, insult public justice, destroy the public peace, or affect public trade or business.    

The False Claims Act, and Introducing Sequestration and Sequestrations Multiplication process when our Federal Deficit which will be 571 Trillion dollars by the year 2037 surpassing our economy, and are violations of and cited in accordance with  goes into everything cited above but now including the monetary intent aspects of all defendants that is perverse by the dumb fucks when sequestrations multiplication process has gotten all Defendants into a 100 trillion dollar False Claims Act fraud-ing its own taxpayers, which in the ICC will get 3 X this settlement of 300+ trillion, and has created Crimes of Genocide, Crimes on Humanity, Crimes of war and for the First Crimes of Aggression, and international national security violations creating this environmental impact that has become so catastrophic, also making our health systems, Legislature, Congress, Supreme Courts, FDA, FCC, EPA,  and the Presidents and his administration  the number 1 cause of death.