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My introduction to helping 82 Million Mental Health consumers Super fundraiser campaign & donation buttons are below.

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Aloha everyone my name is Willard Max Imamoto and I am from Honolulu Hawaii. I am a published Author, and my hobbies are Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and doing research in the fields of Health, Mental Health, Human Rights & Genocide, and Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights, and learning Law, National Security and International National Security Laws, United Nations Articles as applied to Law, and lastly the ICC and there articles as applied to Law. Our health system is Currently the number 3 Cause of Death and is caused by (Iatrogenesis and/or pharmaceuticals) My Patent’s name is HALLELUJAH There are 75 Million mental health Consumers that could use this device with their therapist & it can produce a diversity of mind control techniques and it can record the mind & memory. Ladies and Gentlemen there is currently 75 Million Mental Health Consumers throughout the World ranging from #Schizophrenia #Bipolar #Dual Diagnosis #ADHD #ADD #ODD #PTSD #Autism #Tourette’s & my prototype relates directly with the Diversity of Mind Control and in tapping Memory and in Tape Recording these individual symptom logy’s that directly applies to helping mental health consumers & in controlling relapses, coping skills, anger management, and learning abilities & in controlling #Drug(s) & #Alcohol usage & in total #Mind Body Medicine as opposed to what mind body medicine is now…which is not much of anything (breathing exercises, tai chi, chi gung, meditation and hypnosis). This device will also be able to Stimulating a mind while in a #Coma. That is why Ladies and Gentlemen given the scope and magnitude of so many affected by mental illness or diseases and the over misdiagnosis of mental illness and the over medicated (polypharmacy) of children and adults and the multitude of side effects that has not yet been attributed as being Iatrogenesis have been oversights since the mid 1950’s and are far too costly and damages irreversible. This is not including that 75% of the world’s populations suffers from some form of depression. That is why this project carries a great concern and importance to all those affected going to be affected, and the burden it causes on all peoples as there has never been any significant improvement on those affected and the numbers are growing, and as more and more illnesses and diseases are being created…creates a great general public concern. My device will be the determining factor for these 75 million people and for future MH consumers and the Diversity of Mind Control. This Ladies and Gentlemen this is a Super Huge crowd funding event that affects people of all ages from all walks of life and I’d like to thank and every one of you so very much (HALLELUJAH). Ladies and Gentlemen this projects goal is $250,000.00. This project will be for purchasing the parts such as transducer, ultrasonic transducer, the designing of a totally new headset design, and the designing of a new elongated circular waveguide for a different acoustic electromagnetic wave transition, microphones, input and output components and a tape recorder and/or digital recorder. The Research and Development aspects have been completed. The Development is the only incomplete aspect before clinical trial can be performed. The money will be going to several electrical engineers who have their PhD in their respective fields. Their names are David Cubanski PhD from State College Pennsylvania and Ryan and/or company name Rianon Corp from Woodside California. David Cubanski PhD engineer is charging $80,000.00 -$100,000.00 for the research and development and putting the prototype together. 2) Rianon Corp will charge $50,000.00 for making my prototype more affordable for mass producing and more appealing. 3) $25,000.00 will be used to create a clinical trial small lab made out of T1000 aluminum so that there will be no outside interferences to my claims. 4) $10,000.00 will be saved for travelling expenses going to Pennsylvania and California respectively. The unique aspects about HALLELUJAH; 1) The right side of the Headphone has a half inch wave propagation producing “ONLY” 0db (in decibel) having an ELONGATED CIRCULAR WAVEGUIDE (like a circular waveguide mouth horn, but isn’t). It’s not for transition. It’s made ONLY for running the transducer/transceiver completely through to the other side of the Headphone that has an ear cover that produces ONLY a 0dB output in sound for Mind Control. This is just used to guide the electromagnetic wave and keeping this pinpointed wave within a waveguide. Just part of transmitting from a receiving system that is designed to radiate or to receive electromagnetic wave (applications includes microwaves, Wi-Fi, Karaoke systems, Stereo Phonic, etc., and is made from good grade aluminum T-1000 or better grade to retain 0dB fidelity, non- interference audio reception, and having excellent rigidity that fit’s firmly into the external ear and directly in front of the Tympanic Membrane (or middle part of the Auditory orifice. The Elongated waveguide is a completely new Patent in itself. 2) My prototype is a headset that has a “New Design and Function” much like ordinary headsets. Only it has an adjustable Transducer/Transceiver, and an Elongated Circular Wave guide, and two adjustable microphones, 4 inputs and 4 outputs, and a digital recorder 3) MY claim is a simple method for providing TOTAL MIND CONTROL. This application is a simple method for providing TOTAL MIND CONTROL. My DEVICE/PROTOTYPE will have direct suggestion at the external, middle and internal ear. It will transmit a very, very, low level of sound energy, that has been tested ranging from the weakest sound heard OdB ONLY, and not to impermissible change 1dB, to barely permissible change 3dB, and so on, that will convert sound energy into mechanical energy by resonating in response to incoming sound waves. Again the external ear collects sound waves and rifles them to the TYMPANIC MEMBRANE, which converts the sound energy into mechanical energy. Direct suggestion (transmitting 0dB suggestions pinpointing sound at THE TYMPANIC MEMBRANE) where this conversion takes place THAT CONVERTS SOUND ENERGY-AND AT OdB YOU WONT BE ABLE TO HEAR THIS WEAKEST OF SOUND IN DECIBLES YET IT WILL BE CONVERTED INTO MECHANICAL ENERGY THAT HAS ALREADY INFLUENCE THE MIND-AND WITH THIS TYPE OF UNLIMITED OdB SUGGESTION THAT SOMEONES SUGGESTION RIFLED TO THE TYMPANIC MEMBRANE WILL NOW BE YOUR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS YOU CAN'T STOP IT WITHOUT YOU REALIZING IT-VIOLA INSTANT MIND CONTROL, IT WILL ALSO BE ABLE TO STIMULATE THE OPTICAL SENSORY’S IN HOW ONE SEE’S THEIR DREAMS BUT IN A MORE VIVID CLARITY AND COLOR, AND IT CAN INDUCES SMELLS AND DUPLICATE SCHIZOPHRENIC BIPOLAR SYMPTOM LOGY’S. This Mind Control Device will actually make you experience just about every emotion ranging from smiling, laughing, crying, aggressive to extreme aggressive ness, controlling even the tones of your voice & voices caricature’s & will be able to tap your memory or anyone’s memory with just simple 0db suggestion that will trigger your pre-motor, motor association area of things people once forgot…that accurate. 4) Acoustic- electromagnetic- wave sound- Transducer for the Left side of the Headphone having a 4 inch wave propagation picking up sound at 0dB (in decibel) & reproducing this 0dB sound to various other audible dB levels it must have a waveguide mouth horn H01Q 13/02 from good grade aluminum to retain OdB composure/non-interference audio reception & the wave propagation must be about 4 or 3 inches in diameter made covering the entire Broca’s Area. THE ACOUSTIC ELECTROMAGNET ELEMENT OR THE WAVE OF ABOUT 4 INCHES TO PENETRATE THE CRANIUM HAS SUFFICE IN LOCATING THE AREA THAT WILL MAKE YOU HEAR SPEECH (the Broca’s Area PRODUCES LANGUAGE at 0dB that’s right TALKING CELLS AT 0dB) & IN TAPPING MEMORY (again DIGITALLY RECORDING the PRODUCED LANGUAGE and/or TALKNG CELLS at 0dB) & IN PROVING HOW THIS ILLEGAL RESEARCH IS BEING CONDUCTED ON THE POPULATIONS OF THE WORLD. Applications; The upper illustration from signal to transducer to electronic signal to electronic processors to transmitter for Electromagnet wave to penetrate the skull at the Broca’s Area and just the reproduction of sound. The upper illustration from signal to transmitter for Electromagnet wave is for the production of sound at ONLY 0dB at the TYMPANIC MEMBRANE. The bottom illustration from Electromagnetic wave to receiver to electronic signal to transducer to signal is another way for 0dB production at the TYMPANIC MEMBRANE (but I prefer the upper way). Transducers are used in electronic communications systems to convert signals of various physical forms to electronic signals, and vice versa. In this example, the first transducer could be a microphone, and the second transducer could be a speaker. 5) This Method was used in finding out the Depth of the Broca’s Area for tapping memory & in the Reproduction of the Broca’s Area producing Language at 0dB LOCALIZED WAVE GENERATION VIA MODAL DECOMPOSITION OF A PULSE BY A WAVE LAUNCHER & USING A LIFE SIZE MAP OF THE CRAINIUM IN MEASURING THE DEMENSIONS OF THE BROCA’S AREA. A method for a waveguide to emit two or more modes of propagating waves for observation of a localized wave peak at a predetermined distance from an aperture end of the waveguide, the method comprising: selecting one or more amplitude and/or phase shift settings based at least in part on the predetermined distance from the aperture end of the waveguide; and exciting two or more modes via modal decomposition of a pulse in the waveguide, based at least in part on the selected one or more amplitude and/or phase shift settings this will TEST THE WAVE PROGATION LENTH FROM THE TRANSDUCER TO THE ENTIRE BROCA’S AREA DEPTH & NO MORE AS TO REDUCE THE OUT GOING RADIATION (non-ionized) AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. I’ve also INCLUDED A ULTRASONIC TRANSDUCER/TRANSCEIVER TO ACCOMPLISH THIS FEAT IF THE TRANSDUCER GIVES ANY COMPLICATIONS (the transducer makes this headset more affordable). Language processing refers to the way human beings use words to communicate ideas and feelings, and how such communications are processed and understood. Thus it is how the brain creates and understands language. Most recent theories consider that this process is carried out entirely by and inside the brain. Broca's area is usually formed by the pars triangularis and the pars opercularis of the inferior frontal gyrus (Brodmann areas 44 and 45). It follows Wernicke's area, and as such they both are usually located in the left hemisphere of the brain Broca's area is involved mostly in the production of speech. Given its proximity to the motor cortex, neurons from Broca's area send signals to the larynx, tongue and mouth motor areas, which in turn send the signals to the corresponding muscles, thus allowing the creation of sounds (the left hemisphere in 97% of people) and are considered the most important areas for language processing. This is why language is considered a localized and lateralized function Considering its position, Wernicke's area is located relatively between the auditory cortex and the visual cortex. WHAT I PROVED IS THAT THE BROCA’S AREA CELLS PRODUCES SOUND AND/OR LANGUAGES AT 0dB IN WHICH THE ACOUSTIC ELECTROMAGNETIC ELEMENT WHEN PENETRATING THE CRANIUM WHEN AMPLIFIED TO PICK UP THOUGHT, SPEECH BEFORE IT IS BEING SAID AND EVEN MEMORY AT 100% ACURACY. MY other aspects about HALLELUJAH is that all the Provisional Patent Application details have already been done which includes; Includes my Claims, Descriptions, Field of the invention, Background of the invention, Advanced Patent searches in the various Classes and Sub-Classes, Patent Citations, Classifications US classifications, International classifications, Cooperative classifications, European classifications, and Legal events. Just like a provisional patent application. My other aspects is my dedication in succeeding; Ladies and Gentlemen in any event if my goal is not reached the Money will be used to purchase the materials needed for building this device and receipts shown publically so all can see that the money went to this project and any left over money will be kept with my engineers in their account and I will simply re-start a new crowd fund until this project is complete. Also I have about 300 thousand followers on twitter from three different accounts, and I have crowdfund retweeters with 600 thousand followers, and I have bloggers, and I have more retweeter’s, and many media’s such as Alex Jones, Mary Newell, and many other podcasts supporting me, and I’ve invested in multi-media classified ads that spans a quarter of the world in which I can post my Crowdfund urls/campaigns to on a very steady basis. I also have 10 facebook accounts, and a linkedin account. Ladies and Gentlemen if there are any hurdles it would be with the transducer picking up the 0dB sound from the Broca’s Area and/or the reproduction of sound transforming 0dB into auditable sound, and for over-coming this hurdle that is why I will purchase the Ultrasonic Transducer. This is the only possible hurdle, and all out going radiation (non-ionized) is less 7X than a cell phone, and the Transducer will be exactly the same as a cellphone. Other Ways You Can Help; I truly appreciate that not everyone can donate to this very worthy of cause’s, but if you can’t perhaps you could help in spreading the word to your friends that support you and have like-minded beliefs and giving this wonderful cause a shout out.

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